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I am an Australian of Greek Cypriot Orthodox Christian backround who is obssessed with all types of history and everything military and also like geography and all things geographical. I care deeply about the fate of the Western World Europoid european people and where they will go or end up in the next century or pretty much my lifetime. Western World Europoids being the descendants of or the members of these 23 european races who all share common values and success throughout history and share the closest genetics, closer than to any other racial group. These are the Swiss, Germans, Luxembourgians, Lichternsteinians, Dutch, Belgians, Danish, Swedish, Norwegians, Finnish, English, Whelsh, Scottish, Irish, Greeks, Italians, Spanish, Portugese, Austrians, Greek Cypriots, French, Icelandic and Greenlandic peoples and as i said their descendants who are also the majority (or close to it) in United States, Australia, Canada and New Zealand. Their combined population is estimated to be at about 500 million (500,000,000) souls and decreasing every year. I don't think that a people who have affected the world so much, mostly positively, should die out and go quietly. I think we shall rise again. But i am no racist i value all peoples and their religions and their beliefs, just some more than others hehe. Our closest human cousins are the Slavic Europeans who are made up of people such as the Russians and Polish and Ukrainians to name the largest ones. Older Slavic civilizations include the Bulgars, (a mixture of Proto-Bulgar, who were a Persian tribe, and various Slavic peoples), and the Serbs most of whom have inherited Orthodoxy from the Byzantine Greeks. I wish to serve the Australian army one day, hopefully soon, despite the fact that i have failed joining thrice due to mental illness diagnosis at the time of application. I am much better these days and will try for a fourth and final time within hopefully the next 6 months to a year. My reasons for wanting to serve include the need to prove myself to my own self, through actions in the most honorable job a man can get which is serving ones country on the field of battle. Also i feel the need to protect ones civilization from certain BARBARIANS and INFIDELS who I will, for the reason of political correctness, leave unnamed. So that's a bit about myself.
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